Art in Architecture - Surfaces

Regina's undulating tile collections are available in a range of surfaces suitable for interior and exterior use.

Chosen from a technical palette in response to specific client requirements, surfaces are created using a combination of ceramic skills that include:

  • hand-painting
  • high gloss and matte glazes
  • gold and platinum enamels
  • transfers and
  • ceramic printing

In consultation with the client, a colour range is either selected from the existing palette or a new, custom range is developed for a specific application.

The glazes are hand-mixed and a set of glaze tests is performed to ensure consistency and quality of the final product.

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Handpainted Glazes

The sculptural tiles are available in a matte hand-painted finish, either in a smooth fresco-like or speckled weathered surface quality.

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High-Gloss & Matte Glazes

Reflection is Regina's glazed range of sculptural tiles. Surfaces include durable high-gloss and matte glazes and precious gold and platinum finishes.
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