Exhibition: Decorex International 2015 – September 20-23 2015

Decorex International 2015
Regina Heinz unveils a luxurious addition to her Flow2 architectural ceramics collection of undulating tiles, that for the first time include gold and platinum finishes at Decorex International 2015 – London's leading interior design show – 20 to 23 September 2015 at Syon Park, London, stand K 34.

Ceramic art and interior design are perfectly fused in Regina Heinz's unique range of architectural ceramics.

Regina's acclaimed wall pieces are made up of individual, three-dimensional 'tiles' that can be combined in different configurations to create unique, site-specific installations. These are a contemporary take on the ancient traditions of architectural adornment: mosaics, friezes and frescos. They are designed to complement their setting while retaining their own artistic identity.

Water is the inspiration for Regina's new collection: the sunlit, ever-changing surface of lakes, rivers and seas, or simply the falling rain. Indeed water has been a recurrent motif in her ceramic work, effortlessly translated into the fluid, abstract patterns – some flowing and organic, others geometric - that grace her ceramic pieces. The undulating surfaces of the tiles are hand-painted, then fired at high temperatures to achieve their soft matt finish.

It comes as no surprise that Regina originally studied fine art, in tandem with ceramics. This is evident in her sensitive palette of liquid blues, creamy whites and flashes of terracotta, and in the painterly quality of her more elaborate accent tiles and individual wall sculptures and her intuitive sense of composition. Renowned internationally for her ceramic art, her more recent work for the world of interior design – as seen here – is becoming increasingly sought after.

In 2014 Regina launched her new collection Flow2, comprising a hand-painted monochrome range "Pixel" and "Reflection", a new range of glazed monochrome tiles. This year in addition to the monochrome matt or high-gloss finish, Regina will have on display for the first time a luxurious highly reflective gold or platinum surface that will introduce stunning light effects and produce glittering mirror images of their architectural setting.

In addition to her 3-D tile collections, "Flow" and "Flow2" Regina will also be presenting "Cityscape", a new collection of hand-painted flat tiles that focus on pure colour.

Inspired by abstract painting and the geometry of the urban environment and available in three interchangeable sizes the tiles are hand-painted and glazed by Regina in her South London studio, then fired using a matt glaze to produce a wonderful fresco-like surface quality. Whether as single feature tiles or combined to form larger compositions, these tiles will introduce beautiful accents of colour into their architectural setting.

Regina also offers a bespoke service, creating site-specific installations for corporate, public and domestic settings.